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What is required to list a property as a film location?

Please provide images of your location along with any other pertinent information, including floor plans, a comprehensive list of the property's features and amenities. You can conveniently upload location images to a Dropbox or WeTransfer folder and message the link via the List your Location form. If you are unable to provide images, we can arrange for a scout to visit your property, subject to availability.

How does the inquiry process work and how do you receive them?

A location brief with specific requirements will be provided by the production team. The objective is to find a suitable match for your property based on the brief. The duration of this process is dependent on the production's selection procedure and cannot be predicted beforehand.

How will you find out if a film production is interested in your location?

Once the details of the project are finalised, we will contact you and provide you with all the necessary information. If you agree to participate, we will schedule a convenient time for the production team to visit and survey your property.


Is there a specific location hire fee for your location?

The fee for hiring the location varies for each project and depends on the production's budget and the extent of property usage. We will negotiate a reasonable hire fee with the production team that aligns with their specific requirements.

How does the process work once your location is selected for the shoot?


We maintain clear and consistent communication throughout the entire duration of each project. Our services encompass the following:

  • Arranging and coordinating site surveys

  • Obtaining the required permits from relevant authorities and stakeholders

  • Notifying neighbouring residents and businesses of the production

  • Facilitating the location hire agreement

  • Assisting in processing payment to the location owner

  • Overseeing the property during filming

Please keep in mind that the process may require further discussions due to the distinctive and diverse nature of each production.

How is the Owner's location and contact information kept?

We value your privacy, and as such, your contact information and property's address will be kept confidential. The Location Manager will act as the primary liaison between you and the production team, unless an alternative arrangement is agreed upon by both parties.

What happens if damages are caused to the location during the shoot?

Although accidents can happen, you can be confident that the production team will have insurance coverage in place prior to hiring your location. Upon signing the location agreement, we will provide you with the necessary insurance details.

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